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In my Nets association game, I loaded the 2014 draft class from 2Kserver so it will have real prospects like Wiggins.

I started the game and managed to trade my draft picks for the 76ers 1st round pick(irl Nets do not have picks, but the game doesnt care). I then traded Alan Anderson and Shawn Livingston to the Bucks for Bucks 1st round pick, and scrubs. The 76ers and Bucks are going to suck, and I'm gonna rig the NBA draft lottery so I get a top pick and another top 4 pick. Wiggins and Embiid to the Nets!

Moreover, I received a trade offer from San Antonio Spurs asking Paul Pierce and Andre Blatche for Kawhi Leonard and Tiago Splitter. I couldnt believe it when I saw it, guess NBA2K does not care about age or contract length? I gladly accepted this trade offer, the Spurs probably would make a push for NBA title this year and rebuild next year? Strange.

So if everything works out, my Nets team next year will have Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid and Kawhi Leonard. I will try to trade Brook Lopez and Joe Johnson away for 2015 picks and younger players. Irl no one is going to take Joe Johnson's contract, but knowing its NBA2K I am sure some teams like the Jazz will be more than willing to accept it.

I can also arrange a trade with the Hawks to send Kevin Garnett to the Hawks for Paul Milsap, the issue is that KG keeps declining it. The very last step is to trade Deron for Rondo, since we have enough scoring options but need a pure distributor. If everything works out, the Nets 2015 squad will be:

C Joel Embiid/Tiago Splitter
PF Paul Milsap/Mirza Teletović
SF Kawhi Leonard/Andre Kirilenko
SG Andrew Wiggins/Marcus Thorton
PG Rajon Rondo/Marquis Teague

Now what a rebuilding plan this is! Unfortunately it will never happen irl, but its still fun in a video game.
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