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Default Re: ☆Official Pau Gasol Thread: Pau's contract year

Originally Posted by D-Rose
I don't think he wants it anymore, considering all the abuse and disrespect he's taken from us. If the money is elsewhere, I think he leaves.

I think he'd feel most at home or comfortable back in Memphis playing with his brother Marc, would be a bit of a situation having to juggle the minutes between the two Gasol's and Randolph but for a coach it's a good decision to have to make picking between those 3 players, there'd be a fair few I imagine would be interested, I think its in Pau's best interests to leave after all he's copped I think he's emotionally drained from here, sometimes when he was playing he looked very sad and almost depressed so I think he needs to go elsewhere for his own sake, at the right price I'd love for him to stay but for him I think his best situation is with his brother.
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