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Default Re: How long will it take for Wade to win MVP?

This is my list of contenders for MVP, in no particular order:

Gilbert Arenas
Kobe Bryant
Kevin Garnett
Tim Duncan
Carmelo Anthony
LeBron James
Dwayne Wade
Dirk Nowitzki
Steve Nash
Yao Ming
Amare Stoudemire

Outside Chance:
Chris Paul
Elton Brand
Michael Redd
Chauncey Billups
Allen Iverson
Carlos Boozer
Tracy McGrady

I think you can almost certainly eliminate everyone from the outsider list except possibly Chauncey Billups if Detroit has a 70 win season which is quite unlikely. Amare has a shot, but a very slim one. He has the potential, but I don't see him winning against guys like Kobe and LeBron. Yao has the possibility, but I don't see him consistently dominating enough to win either. Duncan's getting older and Garnett's team stinks so they're probably out. Kobe can't win and winning's important so he's probably out. Gilbert's getting in his prime and certainly has a shot, but I don't think the Wizard's can win enough even in the East for him to win it. It's down to Melo, Wade, James, Nash, and Nowitzki. Melo's got another star with him, so that could lessen his chances. Nash and Nowitzki are both on proven winning teams in the harder conference, while Wade and James are in the "JV League" as Stephen A. Smith likes to call it. Wade's on a pretty good team, so he has good chances. Bron's team is okay but not great. Whoever has the better record between Nash and Nowitzki, while still having good stats, should get the edge between them. So it's basically down to Wade, Nash, and Nowitzki. If Wade can dominate the East, which is very possible, and score over 30 which is what it'll probably take or at least over 27-28 then he might win. I think he could win it 2008-2009, when Nash and Nowitzki will start feeling the wear and tear, but Melo, Arenas, and James will all be very close, and by that time, Greg Oden and Kevin Durant will start blossoming, so Wade's best chance is within the next 2-3 years.
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