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Default Re: ☆Official Pau Gasol Thread: Pau's contract year

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I'd much rather send him to Minnesota to play with his younger buddy Rubio. Memphis is already a really good team with Marc. Wanna help them even more?

But yeah, I never considered that Pau might want to leave himself.

Haha well unfortunately unless he agrees to a sign and trade not going to have much choice, Minnesota might be an option but it'd just make them similar to what they are like with Love except a bit worse, Gasol and Pekovic would have similar problems defensively (unless Love stays and you want Gasol and Love to defend together haha), being a left wing socialist let's send him to the Bucks and make the worse teams slightly better/spread around the talent (bit of sarcasm never hurt anyone regarding the last sentence)

I think there is a large possibility that he leaves I'm not saying he definitely will but I think there are a number of things that will pull him away given the toll that all the trade rumours and everything had on him and his playstyle; he's had a coach that really didn't suit him and has been scapegoated a lot whether it all has taken a toll or if it's off the court issuesin the past I don't know but there's just been times that I've watched him and he looked just as if he wished he was somewhere else/looked depressed at times so I think he'll take a fresh start not guaranteed but a possibility, but he does have Kobe and a strong bond in LA so who knows.
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