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Default Re: ☆Official Pau Gasol Thread: Pau's contract year

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
Was that really the situation for Pau? I felt that Pau was one of our more available players relatively speaking. The injury bug for us last year was terrible so maybe he seemed pretty good compared to others.

Nash on the other hand was getting hurt running out on the court from the bench. As much as he was great back in the day, he probably should have retired before we traded for him.

You have to look beyond the past season, look at his age and what typically happens to 7 footers his is very likely you will see a sharp decline in play and a rise in injuries from we have started to see.
If he was in his late 20's we could take a chance on him....but unless he takes really low money we can't afford the is in no way worth a chance of a meager reward.
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