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Default Re: ☆Official Pau Gasol Thread: Pau's contract year

Originally Posted by $LakerGold
If you had a say in it & you work for the Spurs, would you sign Pau to pair up with Timmy? Great stretch offensively, but a liability on the other end, but I'm pretty sure Timmy & Pop will find a way to make it work. Career-wise, it's a great move for Pau. Let's face it, the Lakers are unlikely to win it for the next year or two.

If Pau decides to leave, I would really love to see him play there.

It would be a good fit, Pau could fit in a lot of contenders, just with his age he might not drop off as dramatically as others because he's never been incredibly athletic it's primarily been finesse based so he's not a timeless player but when his confidence is up on offense at least he's still very useful (just not as a number 1 option), he could fit well as a 3rd even 4th option I mean although it was on about 45% FG to memory he did average 17 points which is a decent effort he still can score with enough opportunities so put that on any contender he's going to help (but you need an anchor to make up for his deficiencies his height is really all he has left on defense as a positive), I think with a good coach he'd be a good fit in Houston or Chicago or the Thunder or Grizzlies, a lot of teams would love to have him, whether he's old and declining or not he's not totally had it just yet, but to go to a contender he'd have to do a Ray Allen style paycut which I think he could do just I don't think he would take a huge paycut to return to the Lakers (could see him taking one to join his brother as an example).
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