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Default Re: ☆Official Pau Gasol Thread: Pau's contract year

Originally Posted by DKLaker
You have to look beyond the past season, look at his age and what typically happens to 7 footers his is very likely you will see a sharp decline in play and a rise in injuries from we have started to see.
If he was in his late 20's we could take a chance on him....but unless he takes really low money we can't afford the is in no way worth a chance of a meager reward.

He's never proven to be an "injury prone" player. He will command at least 8 million per season. If we don't think he's worth it, I guarantee he'll get it somewhere else. Then who do we have in this position? Who can we get?

Please don't tell me Kevin Love. He's another Pau in the sense that he can't lead a team as the number one.
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