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Originally Posted by geeWiz15
Although Christina... what the ****? why is she even famous? she had like one album and a five minute long music career and has been ghost since. Why she still famous? what is she doing that I'm not aware of?
Ummm, she's sold over 40 million albums

Jamie Spears > all. My age too.
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm no big fan of christina's, but to mock her talent / achievements and then to praise a chick who's only famous because her sister is famous, and even her sister is only famous because she slutted it out despite her lack of talent is HILARIOUS!

You know whose REALLY not hot though? Tony Parker's chick... that Desperate Housewives one. Eva Longoria. Eva actually looks too young for me. I'd feel pedo should I hit. Parker should be ashamed. There's no way that girl is older than 11.
She's 31, BY FAR the oldest one in the bunch.

Are you on crack?
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