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Default Re: The Big Ass Second Term/Politics thread part V

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
On the contrary. I believe from what I saw there was much less voter turn out.

Compared to other states Viriginia has low turnout in primaries. This is because for a long, long time Virginia didn't have primaries. The parties chose their candidates in conventions.

But compared to 2012, voter turnout was UP 30%

Mr. Cantor easily defeated a primary challenge in 2012, generally a better year for the Tea Party, by nearly a 60-point margin. Turnout was not unusually low: More than 63,000 votes have been counted so far, up from around 47,037 in 2012.

So it may have been that polling the entire district you had Cantor willing by 30 points. But if you looked at who was going to get out and vote, he was in trouble.
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