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looks like he didnt get a chance...

traded to the Nuggets for some second round picks...

interesting no doubt...

Yes he was traded to the Nuggets today. This is the full details of the trade:

Nuggets receive:
SG J.R. Smith

Bulls receive:
Howard Eisley's contract
2nd round pick (not named yet)
2nd round pick (not namet yet)

The Bulls are expected to waive Eisley to clear enough cap space to sign Adrian Griffin, G/F from Dallas to help defend on the perimeter. I like the pick. It helps take off some pressure from Kirk Hinrich defensively, and I think he could start at the SF right away. From the Nuggets standpoint, It gives them a nice compliment to Carmelo Anthony. Only problem is, will J.R. Smith accept the role as a #2 man? Only time will tell.

Here is the link:,00.html
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