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Default Re: Updated Consensus Mock Draft Picks

Originally Posted by barkleynash
My draft board looks like this. Fifty fifty chance that Payton or Ennis falls to us at 20. Early and Mcdaniels will most surely be there for us. Capella and Porzingas will both probably be there for us. Maybe only one.

My big board would be Ennis, Payton, Capella, Porzingas, Mcdaniels, Early.

If we don't draft a wing expect Ujiri to bring in a free-agent wing defender.
If we draft a point guard, de colo will be gone.
If we draft a post player Hansbrough will be gone.
I feel like Fields should get a shot at playing regular bench minutes, mostly with ross on the floor.
Great guard play is so crucial. i don't think the raps will let either payton or Ennis go undrafted if they fall to 20.


Well Ennis / Payton make sense : 1) You can eliminate the contracts of De Colo / Stone / Bucyks i.e. 3 for 1 and a rookie deal at that. You save about $1.5 Million on the cap.

But I disagree Enis / Payton is around.

Despite what mock draftsand the experts say...(it does change from year to year) but in general :

1) Big men seem to rise up the board as you cant teach size.
2) PG tend to rise secondly and are picked over swing men. PG is a very discipline skill need each team need
3) Swing men 2/3 - and atheltic swing men tend to drop slightly as there are always a lot available in the draft. Further there are always more of them available as FA...

2/3 my be the guys that win championships - I get that - but there are hundreds in the league for every 1% (Melo,LBron, Wade, Pierce etc) Further the 1% actually play everywhere on the floor including the 4 and even the 5 for some minutes.

My big board would be :

One of TJ Warren, Adrien Payne , James Young is available plus

Capella, Porzingas, Mcdaniels, Early.

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