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Default Re: Updated Consensus Mock Draft Picks

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
I get what you're saying Jballer, about the small ball taking over. As a former post player, I'm still partial to the thinking that teams need a conventional C and PF

I think size (wingspan as a function of size) still gets rated highly. You still cant teach size. Size generally is picked higher and "ceiling potential for 2/3 picked lower" in the average draft.

As you say in this era of small ball, inside out game, pick and roll teams still value size to set high picks 20 feet out at the top of the key and size to have a turnaround face to the basket game for 15 foot shots on rotation mismatches. They may not want Chuck and Drex pounding inside old school half court offense but they do want open looks when a guy shoots with 4 inch size mismatch advantage over a rotation defender. Face to the bucket should result in RBs as well.

PGs too tend to rise in general in my opinion as a skill pick. Brandon Roy, DRose, Liliard ... I mean Lilliard came from small school small program yet teams were willing to reach for him. Hence I am tending to think the bigs and PGs will get picked over some 2/3 players with "potential" ala TJ Warren / Young / Levine etc


Seemingly only the Raptors (and Cavs) seem to "reach" for 2-3 in the draft be it TRoss, Joey Graham etc
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