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That part seems to be a test to weed out those who will quit and those who will tough it out. There's a spot where you can stand on a ledge, lock on, and block and the guys will hit you and then they'll just fall over the ledge.

After you get past the first 3 guys and then you cross the narrow path there's 3 nights waiting in a circular room. Instead of going into this room carefully walk on to the ledge to the left of the entrance....but first bait the guys into going after you. Lock on to the enemies one at a time, block with a'll get hit once or twice....lose a little damage...but the baddies will fall over the ledge. You can do this with about 5 or 6 of the nights in this stage.....the ones willing to follow you to the ledge.

For the boss....just use your soap stone and help others beat him first. Then you'll return in full body form and then look for help from others. Get two partners and you'll make short work of the boss.

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