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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by Rameek
Of course cap space is the way to go and having picks. Its about having options and tools to take advantage of opportunities. You develop a star then you add pieces to make it a championship team. It doesnt matter who is locked in. This team doesnt have the desirable pieces, cap space or draft picks to make the moves that are necessary at this point to put quality players on the floor.

So we all hope Bargs, Chandler, Shump, Jr could be dumped on other teams but that just isnt the way the CBA works and the luxury tax is quite prohibitive. Plus most teams are looking to make there team desirable for this summer, next summer and the one after.

Once people realize this 2014-2015 season is what its going to be and there probably is a couple of moves that can be made once the Melo situation is resolved but its all about 2015 cap space and beyond.

Build a team and stop retooling so heavy with big contracts.
Doesn't matter who is locked in? Get the capspace for what then?

Then it's build a team and stop retooling w big contracts. Is your idea of what they should so is use all the capspace on smaller chunks of contracts? You seem to be coming from different directions. Oh but if you trade Carmelo it's for big contracts? Batum and Wes Mathews for 20+ ?
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