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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by el gringos
Doesn't matter who is locked in? Get the capspace for what then?

Then it's build a team and stop retooling w big contracts. Is your idea of what they should so is use all the capspace on smaller chunks of contracts? You seem to be coming from different directions. Oh but if you trade Carmelo it's for big contracts? Batum and Wes Mathews for 20+ ?
Those are young good players with manageable contracts and its 17 million together if I'm not mistaken.

If Melo has to be traded I wouldnt mind trading him for those 2 guys plus Robinson and a future unprotected 1st rounder.

You get your starting SG and starting SF. No superstar YET/MAYBE but its a start.

Try to keep up I'm not coming from 2 different directions its just so fast it seems that way.
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