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If only this question was that easy to answer. This has what's been ailing the Nets since Jason Kidd arrived. The Nets have always been so close to winning a title. The Nets have two young talents in RJ and Krstic and in a few years they will develop into superstars. The problem is, Jason Kidd is hobbling on one leg and only has one or two more good years out of him.

If the Nets want to win now they have to let go of either Vince or RJ. These past two playoffs have shown that no matter how explosive, no matter how exciting your backcourt is, it won't win you a championship. In my opinion, I would rather give up Vince Carter because of some of his faults. Vince is never a selfish player, but many times has horrible shot selection and he is a very confident player, so he feels like he can get going at any time.

This offseason will be very important for the Nets future. It will show whether they are determined to win now or get younger players through the draft and possibly Vince Carter trades in hopes of bringing an exciting team to Brooklyn.

Simply put, the Nets can't get to the Next level right now. They have to wait for the rest of the East to fall off and hope that when the conference rebuilds the Nets will come out on top.

I never really thought of that but that makes a lot of since for them to do. But I really think if they were to trade RJ or Vince they would Defiently have to trade Vince RJ has a lot mre years in him. and Vince after last year I think coachs got a little bit more respect for him then they have in the past couple years. I would like to see him stay a little longer though jsut because him and Kidd make some Exciting plays. But a ring for Kidd to me is much more important that watching a couple nice plays by Kidd and Carter.
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