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Default Re: Updated Consensus Mock Draft Picks

Chamberlain Mock 2.0

Added two big trades that I see happening, added a full second round, and added a best case scenario for first round players.

Round 1

1. Cleveland - Andrew Wiggins
- A no brainer to me. Perfect player to compliment Kyrie Irving as he doesn't need to be the go-to scorer right off the bat. Cleveland has horrendous defense, and Wiggins helps instantly. Philly/Orlando/Utah/Boston apparently looking to trade up, but I don't see it happening.

Best: Scottie Pippen

2. Milwaukee - Jabari Parker
- Management loves him, he grew up nearby, and it fits the teams rebuild as they are trying to do it as quickly as possible. Great offensive weapon to build around, will probably need to be surrounded by defense to hide his weaknesses on that end.

Best: Paul Pierce

3. Philadelphia - Dante Exum
- I can't pretend to know too much about Exum other than he's a tall, quick combo guard and that he tested off the charts on his psych tests and teams all loved his work outs. Philly is apparently in love with him and will take him if Wiggins isn't available or they can't trade up.

Best: Penny Hardaway

4. Orlando - Joel Embiid
- Rough couple of weeks for Embiid. We all know the stories and potential dangers. I just can't see him falling past Orlando.

Best: Hakeem Olajuwon

5. Utah - Noah Vonleh
- Looking at the roster, they seem set for big men, but Kanter is due for a contract soon and they probably won't want to pay him the money he's looking for.

Best: LaMarcus Aldridge

6. Boston - Marcus Smart
- Striking out on both getting #1 and Kevin Love, the Celtics decide to go the complete opposite direction and trade Rajon Rondo and Jeff Green. Marcus Smart is a great defensive player, with the potential to be a good facilitator/scorer on offense. A great PG to lead a young team.

Best: Prime Deron Williams

7. LA Lakers - Julius Randle
- IF they keep the pick, they take a player who is ready to contribute, plays a position of need, and is a good building block for the future. Rumours swirling that this pick may be traded to Philly for Michael Carter-Williams. We'll see.

Best: Kevin Love

8. Sacramento - Aaron Gordon (pick traded to Boston along with Ben McLemore for Rajon Rondo and 2015 2nd)
- Boston gets another young defensive oriented player with the potential to be a high energy role player for many years. Offensively raw but shows some skill, and insanely athletic and an absolute gym rat.

Best: Shawn Marion

9. Charlotte - Nik Stauskas
- They've got a nice young PG and a pretty good front line. They lack offense at the wing position, and they seem to be building an athetlic team (ruling out Dougie McBuckets). Stauskas spreads the floor with his sharp shooting and keeps defenses honest with ability to get to the rim.

Best: Peja Stojakovich

10. Philadelphia - Dario Saric
- If there is one team in the lottery who is okay with waiting two years for this player, it's Philly. They have a ton of picks and can afford the extra roster spot. He'd be a solid point-forward type facilitator with Exum not being a true PG.

Best: Toni Kukoc

11. Denver - Gary Harris
- I'm not that high on Gary Harris, though I was during the season. Denver would like to add some back court depth, and at the very least he'll be a good defender and would look nice next to Ty Lawson, though it makes for a smaller back court than you would ideally like.

Best: Jerry Stackhouse

12. Orlando - Elfrid Payton
- Orlando gets the PG they were initially looking for at #4 before Embiid fell into their laps. Tough, defensive PG. Natural leader. Went toe to toe with Marcus Smart in workouts and beat him out for a starting position with the US U19 team.

Best: Rajon Rondo

13. Minnesota - Doug McDermott
- Assuming Love leaves, Doug fills a scoring void, plays a similar style game, and could end up being a steal at 13. He finds a way to score. People get scared that he'll become Adam Morrison but to me it's obvious that McBuckets is a superior player in terms of thinking the game and being able to create space to get his shot.

Best: Wally Szczerbiak

14. Phoenix - Zach Lavine
- Phoenix is the best team to not make the playoffs, and I think they will take a gamble on the athleticism of Lavine, as I think they are going to be more focused on bringing in a veteran after July 1st to help with their run. Lavine is an outstanding athlete and has tons of skill, but there are questions as to whether or not he understands the game.

Best: Russell Westbrook

15. Atlanta - James Young
- Alanta has a promising young PG, solid bigs and a lack of wing scoring. Young has tremendous upside, can shoot, play defense and get to the rim. Will need to get stronger and mature, but this is another possible steal.

Best: Jamaal Crawford

16. Chicago - Shabazz Napier (traded to the Knicks, along with #19, future 1st rounder, and Taj Gibson for Carmelo Anthony)
- Knicks going into full rebuild. Sign and Trade Melo away for two picks and a veteran big man. Knicks get a gritty leader and perhaps the steal of the draft. Someone who has the fire to succeed and can learn how to be a true PG from newly acquired Jose Calderon.

Best: Damian Lillard

17. Boston - TJ Warren
- After trading away Rondo, and taking two defensive oriented players in Smart and Gordon, the Celtics go the other way and add some wing scoring with TJ Warren, who is a pure scorer.

Best: Rip Hamilton

18. Phoenix - Jusuf Nurkic
- Adding another piece for the future; a massive center with soft hands who they can probably stash overseas for a year or two until they are both ready to commit to each other.

Best: Nikola Pekovich

19. Chicago - Jarnell Stokes (To NYK from previous trade)
- Some scouts see Stokes as a better prospect than Julius Randle. They have very similar skill sets. A beast on the block and is maybe great at nothing, but good at everything. Should be a very solid rotational player for years.

Best: Zach Randolph

20. Toronto - Tyler Ennis
- With Lowry up in the air, it makes sense to have a back up plan. Even if Lowry stays, you can shore up the PG position for years with this pick. I don't think Ennis is a starter on a great team, but he can be a quality 6th man on a contender. He sees the game very well and with the right mixture of players could be a nice point guard for the future.

Best: Andre Miller

21. Oklahoma City - Adreian Payne
- Thunder are obviously in win-now mode, and Payne gives them an extra asset to play on the block as a stretch four. He creates room for other people, is good defensively and rebounds well. Perfect fit for OKC.

Best: Robert Horry

22. Memphis - Rodney Hood
- Fills a void at the SF position. May be able to contribute right away. Has a nice shooting touch, can play defense and has athleticism. He is good in all areas of the game but may need time to adjust.

Best: Tayshaun Prince

23. Utah - Jordan Adams
- This guy can score. With Hayward maybe on the way out, Utah needs someone who can fill the stat sheet. Won't give you a whole lot defensively and is a little undersized for the SG spot, but he's a potential 16PPG 6th man.

Best: Manu Ginobili

24. Charlotte - Mitch McGary
- Rumors of a promise here. Josh McRoberts just opted out, and McGary replaces his size and rebounding ability. Being on a team with former teammate Nik Stauskas hopefully keeps him motivated and focused.

Best: Marcin Gortat

25. Houston - Kyle Anderson
Their biggest hole is on the wing, and with no true playmaker on the team, he fits the bill as a point forward. Didn't score well on his athleticism tests, but with guys like Howard, Harden, Lin, Bevery, Parsons, etc., you can afford a slow player with this amount of skill.

Best: Hedo Turkoglu (prime)

26. Miami - Jordan Clarkson
- They obviously need help at all positions that aren't PF/SF, and PG seems to be their biggest weakness after watching these playoffs. Clarkson can score and defend and has the ability to get out on the break and lead an offense. Should be a good fit here.

Best: Michael Carter-Williams

27. Phoenix - Clint Capella
- Seems to be a theme here for Phoenix, take a project and let him sit overseas for a year or two. Phoenix needs to save their cap space for veterans who can help now. Capella is a very athletic big man with raw skill who needs to refine his game before he can be an impact player.

Best: Derrick Favors

28. LA Clippers - Spencer Dinwiddie
- Often injured point guard with size. Surprisingly efficient and well faceted in all areas. Clippers need some bench help in the back court, and provided he's healthy, he should be able to back up both guard spots in his rookie year.

Best: George Hill

29. Oklahoma City - Vasilje Micic
- International PG with a similar playing style to Jose Calderon. OKC desperately needs PG help, and along with adding Payne, Micic should be able to step in during year one and play some backup minutes.

Best: Jose Calderon

30. San Antonio - Bogdan Bogdanovich
- Regarded as perhaps the best young player in Europe currently. Great scoring and playmaking ability. Seems like a no brainer for the Spurs if he is available. Might stay a year or two overseas but will be worth the wait. Very low risk pick, in my opinion.

Best: Manu Ginobili

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