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Default Re: Updated Consensus Mock Draft Picks

Quite awesome. Well done.

1) I think I think that Tyler Ennis is the Toronto pick.

All the experts pick it.

I have reservations. I worry about the pick based on Canadian content. I think Ennis is good but I worry that a TJ Warren / Rodney Hood / Adrien Payne or other potentially spectacular player (upside) will be overlooked for the Canadian content. I always distrust the "hometown favorite" theory of picking.

I fail to see how Boston and Chicago would let him slip as well (unless they trade). Boston is projected to take PJ from D league. While his athletism "maybe better" the Celtics need a steady option for Rondo - especially if he is or is not the cornerstone of some move to create a massive overhaul to win sooner ala Love. Similar arguements for Bulls and DRose whether they chase Melo / LBron or anyone.

2) 2nd Round Picks.

If KJ McDaniels the freakishly talented shot blocking 3 or GRIII from Michigan are available to the Raptors - for god sake Masai - pick one of them. Both may not have NBA primetime games ready this year - but both will be strong 6th men in a few years. Further both seem to have the talent, knack and apptitude to play lock down d - something your coach wants. These guys will contribute this year in a "meaningful" way (not all star but meaningful) and frankly may spell out Amir, PP, and or TRoss to rest them and get their heads in the game when they go to sleep out there.

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