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Default Your draft hopefulls

The Nets have the 22nd, 23rd, and the 54th picks in the 2006 draft. You can post your hopefulls for these picks or post your trade scenarios and who you would like to select if we trade down.

22-Sergio Rodriguez: Although he might now slip this far I think he would be a great backup Point Guard. Planinic isn't cutting it and either is McInnis who most likely won't even return next year. With the right coaching, Sergio can hone his raw skills and become a top pass first Point Guard in the league.

23-Saer Sene: Is horrible on offense right now, but that's ok. Hopefully we can draft him and have him come off the bench right away and do what he's good at, block shots. He can hone his defense later on and hopefuly become an anchor on defense like Jason Collins...maybe be mentored by him.

54-Taj Gray: Although he was recently injured, it's not that bad. He's an athletic Power Foward. May have lack of motiviation, but with a second round pick, won't be that much of a risk. Could be like last year with Chris Taft, getting picked right before our turn.
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