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Rockets: A

People will be surprised. But when you are considering how to grade your team, you have to consider your options. The rockets tried hard to trade up to get Brandon Roy, but were unable to do so. The did not need another player that players the same way T-Mac does. So they traded away their pick for Shane Battier, who was actually a need. They also got a PF that can shoot 3s in Novak in the 2nd round. Oh yea...and by the way...the Mavs were STRONGLY considering taking Novak in the first round. They really wanted him and were praying he would fall low enough in the second round for them to get him. He could be the next Keith Van Horn..which would work out well in the Rockets system.

Having Shane Battier will allow the Rockets to do several things:

1) Have Shane play as a solid SF in games when T-Mac can't play because of his back problems.
2) Have Shane play as a 3 point shooting PF so that teams are unable to double Yao and T-mac
3) Have Shane defend the opposing teams best player one on one. This should relieve some stress off of T-macs back.
4) Let the Rockets play small ball with teams like Phoenix and Dallas and actually have a chance at beating them...they could use a line up like:
C: Shane or Novak
PF:T-Mac or Shane
SF:Snyder or T-mac
SG:Head or Sura
PG:Alston or Lucas

The rockets did the right thing. The only positions they did NOT need were C and SF. So they traded away their SF draft pick and got a solid veteran that is versatile, can defend, and always hustles. They also do not have time to teach Rudy Gay how to play. With T-Macs back causing him to age faster, we need to make a push for a championship NOW. So when I consider all of this...I have to give them an A. They did the best possible thing with what they had.

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