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Default Re: Post-Draft: What Do The Cavs Go From Here?

Originally Posted by El Gato Negro
you forgot sergey, felix and haywood.we will have to carry him on the team till we can make use of his contract in a trade, so thats 12 that should make the roster. to answer the ? i trade jack at all costs and give all his minutes to delly, try to resign cj for cheap. start KI, Dion, Wiggins, TT, Zeller. hope AB takes the starting job at somepoint. the cavs will improve threw a trade but not free agency. im not against hawes being brought back for a reasonable price. i think people are underrating zeller at center, it wasnt the biggest roster hole last year. maybe try to get kanter from the jazz or try and sign parsons? I can no longer see AV on this roster dont think he will be on the team this year, sad one of my favorite cavs all time, but its time to part ways.
I agree. Maybe they can make Varejao and Jack part of some trade together. Varejao cna help a lot of contending teams and his contract will run out after one year when he's making over $9. I'd really like them to get a young defensive center that isn't a offensive liability. Someone like a Derrick Favors (which was rumored in trades earlier) or Timothy Mozgov.
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