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Default Re: Getting called for carrys that NBA players don't even get called up for

Originally Posted by theaussieguy
I basically learned the game by watching the pros, only started playing a few years ago so never went through all those skill camps as a kid, and its only recently became apparent to me, despite my ace dribbling skills and ball control, its often considered a carry despite it being no different than steve nash or any other player in the league.

I honestly think the biggest difference between todays league and the league of old is that carrys just arn't called anymore so noone bothers to dribble all dorky like straight up and down and this inherently speeds the game up drastically.

Anyway its annoying because in pickup games I get called out by the older guys still playing in another generation. If its a carry fair enough but I can't help but think its basically the only way to stop me from crossing someone up and getting to the basket.

Are you in the NBA? Then you can't get away with it. FIBA calls carry's, double dribbles, travels, the whole lot. That's the rules you play by if your not in the USA.

Local rec leagues in Australia are over run by refs all making calls by the american game. Its ridiculous that they don't know the FIBA/World rules.
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