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Originally Posted by brantonli
Is there any way to get hold of an NBA 2k8 disk for, I dunno, Xbox 360 or playstation 3 and turn it so that it fits for the computer?

Nope, they don't work that way.

I don't know much about the Xbox 360, but I do know that the original Xbox was essentially a PC. It's been a while so some of my numbers might be a bit off, but I've done extensive modding to mine and they're pretty flexible little boxes. They're about the equivalent of a PC with a Celeron chip running at 700mhz or so. The controller ports are actually USB ports with a different pinout. You can find converters, but if you're patient and can operating a soldering gun, you can make your own, so just about any simple USB control device can be plugged into an Xbox. If the device requires drivers and a helper program to run, it probably won't work on an Xbox though, just simple controllers. The most common Xbox mod is just simply replacing the hard drive with a larger one. The ones that came with the Xbox is like a 4.5gb drive or so. Some people install entire operating systems on it. A guy I knew once put Linux on one he had and turned it into an FTP/HTTP server. I mainly use mine to watch movies and videos that I've downloaded. By connecting it to my network, I can have the Xbox browse any computer's directories and watch (or listen to) any file I've got there, or burn files to DVDRs and take 'em anywhere.

I only mention all of that to show how flexible the Xbox is, and I can only assume the Xbox 360 is similar, I just can't bring myself to spend money to duplicate something I already have. I couldn't care less about the console games myself, they're generally more geared to the lowest common denominator users. That said, the Xbox doesn't run WinXP or Vista as an operating system, it has it's own operating system and instructions, so it's not just a simple matter of copying files from an Xbox or Xbox 360 disc into a PC and playing a game or vice versa. However, for some platforms there are emulators that let you stick game discs into your PC and play them, but emulators are always just a bit short of the real thing and don't always work.
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