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Default Re: I think it may be time for Stern to step down...

Originally Posted by FashionIssues
this stupid poster sucks! and this is a favorite by some?

the biggest star you speak of was vouched and promoted by the very man you talk bad about now. no such player was groomed by the nba more than mj at their expense. no other home products were more dedicated to a specific player, not magic, not bird, no one at the time but mj. yes mj was bound to make it big on his own. but stern and the nba marketed him (and probably just solely him) through nba licensed vhs tapes, which up to this day and age, no other player got the same treatment. he has been the most visible nba player to non-fans because of the extravagant marketing.
Well, it's easy to market a man that can fly.
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