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Default YAO Best Center in the NBA?

07-08 season: Is Yao the best center in the NBA?
List of great centers: Shaq, Stoudemire, Yao. As you can see the list is short. Out of these centers Yao Ming was the greatest scorer in the passed season. He even dominated Shaq when they played one on one. Stoudamaire needs to learn how to created hiw own shot, not depending on Nash too much. Going back to Shaq, when he faced Yao he was embarrassed. For the first time the against center outscored him by more than 20 points. Yao scored 36 pts and and grabbed 14 rebounds. I don't think that the Shaq and Yao rivalry exists anymore, Shaq is not a match one on one. I know that for most of his careeer he was the most dominant center and he even brought a ring to Miami but those times have changed, he didn't step up against the Bulls. The Bulls! Their center was Ben Wallace (6-9 height). Yao averaged more points than Shaq and Stoudemire and grabed around the same rebounds as Stoudemire. The 7 ft athletic guy is not there anymore. That's my opinion. is up to yall to decide who is the most dominant center.
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