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Default Re: 7-Footers shooting 3s

I don't really like seeing 7 footers shooting threes either, but Dirk doesn't have post skills so he does what he is good at. Yes its not going to bring him a ring and he can't take a bunch of role players to a ring by himself. Its is pretty hard to take a bunch of role players to a ring.

Dirk has more than role players on his team but they just can't go all the way. Yes most teams need a presence inside to win a ring who ever disagreed? I agree that Dallas is not going to win a ring with no paint presence, but just cuz of that you can't say that 7 footers should shoot threes. They are pretty useful sometimes. They can't carry a team to a ring, but which perimater player can? Jordan did it...well he is the GOAT.
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