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Default Re: 7-Footers shooting 3s

Originally Posted by rknine15
sheed shoots 3's as well... so everything you said doesnt connect now... get your facts straight

Yeah but the difference is that when they get GUARDS on him like Golden State did on Nowitzki he can post them up. He would probably dominate the boards and have thirty point game, posting those guards or small forwards whatever. He is a combo forward not like Dirk which is a one dimentional player. What else do you want from Sheed he can shoot the outside shot AND post. He's not one dimensional like Dirk. If you actually watched Basketball you knew Rasheed's characteristics. Don't waste my time, end the thread like that. I wouldn't have a problem with Dirk if he had SOME post up moves.
Plus Rasheed had the advantage to step out and hit them three's because he had McDyess and Maxiell in there, not guys like Dampier and Diop.
I been having my facts all along you get yours right, just ask anybody out there if rasheed is a post presence.
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