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Default Re: 7-Footers shooting 3s

Originally Posted by CakeorDeath
As has already been stated, all of those guys have inside guys to complement them. And you are forgetting that Okur already has a ring, on a team where the other two bigs either shoot threes quite frequently (Sheed) or can't shoot from anywhere (Ben). So your whole theory falls apart with the very player (Okur) you based the entire thing on.

The exact same amount as Steve Francis.

Ask Okur if he feels like a champion? He didn't even get garbage time.Mike James is a guard just like Steve Francis and he has a ring. How come you don't talk about that. Don't type what's convenient for you. Rasheed not only shot three's he was posting. What are blind that you can;t see Rasheed posting AND shooting the outside shot. That's what i call a combo forward. Plus like I said to someone else, he had McDyess and Big Ben in the paint.
sheed worked the paint and shot three's. Next time you watch Detroit open your eyes and don't just say that Rasheed is a one dimensional player like Nowitzki and Okur. By the way Okur has Boozer inside, he can work the paint. If you call Dampier and Diop "complement guys inside" then keep dreaming for a ring. Or you can keep dreaming about D-Wade and how he EARNED his ring by playing like a real superstar allong Shaq(7 footer that works the paint) thats a real inside precense.
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