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Default Re: 7-Footers shooting 3s

Originally Posted by JalenRawley
How about Bill Laimbeer?

A 6'11" 245lb center who shot 32% from three for his career? He has two rings, and was an integral part of that Pistons team.

It's not nine 7 footers, but I can definitely find one. And if you're going to argue about one inch in height, then you're going to need to go out with the exact same measuring tape and measure every single player that's listed at 7' and higher. Many are 6'10" and 6'11". We all know about the discrepancies of listed player heights in basketball.

There are plenty of successful big men with range, but not all of them have rings. But then, many even greater players don't have rings either. Frank Brickowski was a solid three point shooter for Seattle during their heyday, and for their Finals run. Arvydas Sabonis came into the league late in his career, but he was another good three point shooter, and had plenty of success in the Olympics. Sam Perkins is another one, an integral part of successful teams in Los Angeles, Seattle and Indiana.

Oh, I almost forgot Rasheed Wallace, who also has a ring.

Teams in the past didn't really build around big men with range, and didn't properly utilize big men with range because they were very narrow minded with their approach to positions. Big men were forced into the paint, no matter what their skillset was. Twenty years ago, someone would've forced Dirk to stop working on shooting three pointers and forced him to work being a low post center. Shaq actually has a crossover, something that NO center had twenty, thirty years ago. Big men that could face up and shoot were the exception, not the rule. The same goes for little guys as well. Pippen would've never been as good of a player if he didn't play a lot of point guard back when he was 6'1"/6'2". There's a good chance he would've been just another Stacey Augmon. When players are developed according to their skills and not the skills of the position their size dictates they should play, they generally are better players.

Who wouldn't be a better player within the comfort zone of their own abilities? It's not Dirk's fault he's tall, but it would've been his coaches' fault if they ignored his natural abilities and forced him to be something he's not. I don't have a problem with big men shooting threes, in fact I prefer it if a team has a center or power forward with some serious range. It forces the defense to adjust and not pack the paint. If I was a coach or a GM, my power forwards -better- be able to consistently hit shots out to 18-20 feet. I don't necessarily think they need three range, but it certainly doesn't hurt if they hit 'em.

It's players like Manute Bol was drilling those ugly three-pointers that made me cringe!

You really think 32% from downtown helped Detroit win a ring. Oh I almost forgot, Rasheed actually has a POST PRESENCE. He can work the paint AND extend the range. Not like Dirk. Is not Dirk's foult that he's tall. It is his foult he let some small guards and forwards (Golden State) take him out of his game. He was the MVP. Baron Davis played better than him, and he was injured. Is not my fault that Dirk doesn't have good role players that can work in the paint. Yeah Shaq's crossover only help in during the All-Star game. Ask him to teach that to Dirk, maybe like that he can drive to the basket.
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