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Default Re: 7-Footers shooting 3s

Originally Posted by LJJ
I don't understand where all complaining on 7 footers shooting threes comes from.

You NEVER hear anyone saying Jason Kidd should stop rebounding and stick to being a point guard, wich is frankly just as ridiculous.
Wrong. Rebounds aren't bricks; when you have one of your bigs floating around on the three-point line you lose an offensive rebounder and if he's off (as Dirk was vs. Golden State) he's useless, something a seven-footer should never be. But when Jason Kidd is rebounding there is no down side. If anyone could ever find consistent success running their pg (or whoever Kidd is guarding) out whenever Kidd goes for and fails to get an offensive rebound for easy fast break points there might be a similarity but so far no one has managed to hurt Kidd's teams for Kidds' hustling. And seeing as whenever he doesn't get the board Kidd hustles up the floor to play d and rarely if ever gets burned for it, the rebounding effort is nothing but positive.

For the record, although big men taking jumpers isn't completely bad it's definitely been demonstrated that the conventional low-post big is the superior offensive cornerstone. He may average more points but think about the fact that Nowitzki is talking about how Dallas needs a low-post player (and is trying to become more of one himself). Tim Duncan isn't trying to have Dallas find a big-scoring jumpshooting seven-footer, is he?
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