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Default Re: The last time I played basketball...

Originally Posted by GOBB
I got rim blocked attempting to dunk on a break away.
I got my shot ate up twice on the same play.
I got my feet taken out from under me incidentally/wind got knocked out of me
I played an average game and was winded
I had a hot streak of knocking down 4 straight 3's
I had a cold streak missing my next 5 shots
I got outmuscled going up for a rebound
I cut that same players ankles and layed them up
I thought to myself after the game ended "Am I too old to be playing?"

Either that or you're experiencing the side effects of pregnancy...

lol nah sounds like you just need to play more often. That's how i was after i took a year long break and started playin again. You show flashes of talent but then fizzle out cuz youre not conditioned anymore. It gets better after a few games

edit: Oh and last time i played was against my 54 year old uncle and 10 year old cousin in a game of 21. I won by a lot, did some 360s and other show offy moves cuz my family was watching lol. Not a good judge of where i stand due to lack of competition
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