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Default Re: "Football" or "Handegg" ?

Originally Posted by deja vu

Americans love to brag about how they had so many accomplishments in science like sending a man to the moon, blah blah...

But they don't realize that immigrants from Europe such as Tesla and Einstein were responsible for these breakthroughs.

Heck they even grabbed German Nazi scientists after WWII so they can work on their space program. So the Americans (Russians as well) have to thank the Germans for that.
thats basically what america is. A land that people choose to live in rather than their crappy homelands. People make the choice to live in america. Other than native americans (less than 1% of the population) all americans are descended from people who came over either the atlantic or the pacific within the last 600 years.

Tesla and einstein both made the choice to live in america rather than their home countries.

Eg. they guy girls leave their current boyfriends for.

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