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Default Re: YAO Best Center in the NBA?

Originally Posted by TarHeelBorn
You could throw Duncan into that mix. He could have always been a center but he started out in SA next to David Robinson so no one really considers him to be on. But he played a lot of center this year, did he not?

You can't rule out Camby. He isn't a scorer but he was the DPOY. People tend to connect offense with greatness, but not defense.

And Dwight Howard is a beast, he was just the only option on that team, unlike Yoa, Shaq, STAT, and Duncan. It might be too early to call him the best center in the NBA but he will be, no doubt. Especially now that he and Rashard Lewis will have an inside, out game going like all the other top centers you mentioned. Plus, he is only 21....

You are also really under-estimating Shaq. He was hurt a lot this year. No, he is not the player he once was but assuming Yoa will dominate him from here on out is just silly. And knocking him b/c of the match-up against Ben Wallace isn't a great arguing point considering how good of a defender Wallace is. Those two have been battling for years. It doesn't matter for a second that Wallace is 6'9".

Plus, when you get in to all of these "best" or "greatest" arguments, you have to weigh the playoffs. In that case, Yao gets dominated by Duncan and Shaq, regardless of Miami losing in the first round this year.

I dont know about you but I think Shaqs past will not help him in the present. He WAS the best dominant center at one point. I am talking about the in coming season.07-08 It does matter that Wallace is 6-9, he is strong but very udersized. Centers with offensive skills in the paint win rings, thats why I didn' included Camby, but I sure forgot about Howard.He has a chance at being the dominant center. And if Shaq and YAO(notice how I spell it) would meet again Yao would crush him
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