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Default Re: Tomb Raider is awesome

Originally Posted by Ai2death
I would have to disagree with you, although i did love both games, and have pretty much every Tomb Raider game.

Tomb Raider, while a lot better then the rest of the Tomb Raider games and i'm glad they're heading in a positive direction, was pretty much a slightly worse clone of Uncharted. (Like Watch Dogs is to GTA)

It was also a bit comical how Lara's first kill was so dramatic then 2 seconds latter she is on a mass murdering rampage.
Uncharted is leaps and bounds better at character development and also the relationships between characters.
I feel the shooting mechanics, climbing, cover system, movement is all better in Uncharted.
I did prefer Tomb Raider though for the creepy blood sort of stuff they did, like when under that shack or in that cave with all the bodies, that was a big plus.

It would be awesome if Tomb Raider headed a little bit more towards like survival horror in tombs and stuff
I agree with the bolded part. Which is weird because I'm not a big fan of creepy shit usually, but it really showcased how ****ed up the people on that island had become.

Honestly I feel like this Tomb Raider was better than the Uncharted ones. Maybe not the story (although it's very good and respectable). But the tombs were amazing, and a couple were challenging. But I preferred the Tomb Raider controls more than the Uncharted ones. It's just funny because Uncharted obviously borrowed a lot from the Tomb Raider games, then finally we get a good Tomb Raider game that borrows heavily from Uncharted.
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