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Default Re: Tomb Raider is awesome

It was enough different for me. I do think the jump from Uncharted 1 (which was an awesome game) to 2 (which is an alltimer), made the move to 3 feel a little disappointing. And I loved three, beat it several times, got the platinum trophy, I still believe that even in a vaccuum that 2 is better.

But that sort of lateral feeling we got from 2 to 3 I think made the Tomb Raider reboot feel even fresher. It felt enough different that almost felt like the sequel UC3 was supposed to be.

But again, in a vaccuum, I still think UC3 was better. Mostly because of the story. But the things that make Tomb Raider compete for me was the mazier approach to the game layout, which was awesome. The way we kept adventuring in different areas only to be spit back into that main hub, and then we'd get new tools to make previously unreachable areas reachable. And the upgrades to the weapons and the skills were a really nice touch to me, and something we haven't seen any of in the UC series. That to me were the elements that I liked better than what we've gotten from UC. But the story and character work, along with the animation and combat controls, still make UC just a tick ahead.

Both great games though. Can't wait for both sequels.
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