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Default Re: 2013 College Football Discussion Thread

los, cook and trey williams recently ran a 100 yard race. incoming freshman cook won (the guy fsu stole from uf). los was second and williams was third. scary when you consider williams clocked in at a 4.38 40 at one point. also, none of those guys are faster than whitfield on the track. i can possibly say fsu has 4-9 guys that run sub 4.4 40's. i wanna throw darby in the mix there on defense. greene can probably do it on his very best days.

seen los be compared to demarco murray which makes sense. both are about the same height/weight and have burst. los might even be faster but he's still adjusting to RB. i also think demarco runs a more upright style which leads to more injuries.

any predictions on the playoffs?

in no real particular order:

- bama
- fsu
- ohio state
- oregon

i almost wanted to take ucla over oregon. i think they can take a huge step forward, especially hundley. also don't think you can sleep on stanford.

i was really for the 4 team playoff system but i'm really leaning towards 8 now. it would obviously stretch out the season more but i just don't trust 13 humans to decidedly pick the best 4 teams. i think that '5th' team could be snubbed and possibly look better than the eventual champ. this was supposed to be the system that was less controversial and more fair. i guess we'll see.

my ideal scenario would really be for fsu to beat bama in the first round. i gave the storyline before. jimbo used to coach under saban and has obvious ties/influences. winston is from bama. i mean, this would be the student showing the teacher what's up. then just destroy urban meyer's smug ass in the championship game, forcing him into a second early retirement that makes no sense. first off, i don't like ohio state. second, i don't like meyer. i'd die happy if those two things happen. wire to wire back to back champs and knocking off the SEC twice, bama once and urban meyer?


chris davis still salty. this is the guy who was called for PI in the endzone against greene and defended KB in the game winning catch. sit down fool.

maybe being on the cover of SI got to his head?!bkOJiL

^top 100 players in college. hard to find quality lists like this. while i disagree w/ some of these rankings, this guy definitely did him homework. 10 noles in there btw w/ o'leary as #101.

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