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Default Re: Shumpert only has star potential as a Point Gaurd with the Knicks

Originally Posted by el gringos
If Shumpert stays he stays as a pg/sg off the bench. What a more perfect backup to Calderon to come in and cover when Calderon is having problems defensively.

Jr smith
Bargnani/Jason smith

If the blank spot can be filled in that's a hell of a rotation
At some point you will come out the haze and come to the realization that Shump isnt a PG and wont be doing that. He is going to be a back up SG/SF for defensive purposes.

Early will barely make the roster also the kid cant dribble.

Zen has already stated that he has a glut at SG and only maybe 2 SF's which is an issue he probably will address at some point.
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