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Default Re: Who else wants Najera back?

Originally Posted by Phenom
If we could trade DGeore or Croshere for Najera, I'd be in Downtown Dallas celebrating that same hour. I always thought he had a promising career, but he's languished on the bench in Denver. Last I checked. I'd love to see him back in a Dallas uni.

let me tell you something guys, thats not going to make a difference in the Dallas team. I mean it like a post up threat. Nowitzki said that they needed a low post presence(*thats a 7 footer saying that) when they lost the series against the warriors. I think think that Mark Cuban instead of trying to buy the cubs team, he needs to at least try and get a good player that nows to work in the paint. For example, Garnett, J.O'Neal or a role player like Drew Gooden. I just saying what i think is better.
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