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Default Re: Kevin Garnett Could Be Coming To Dallas.

Originally Posted by Silent Mav
Where did you find this or is this something you came up with? I thought one thing Minny wanted was expiring contracts and high draft picks. Neither of those are included included in that.

Dallas does need a post presence, but I wouldn't call it desperate. Getting 5 mediocer pg's is desperate.

Rafer Alston, Luther Head,John Lucas III, Kirk Snyder. The Rockets GM know what they're doing, they're there willing to trade this guards for a solid PF.
And At least the Rockets GM got a hold of good talented players like Steve Francis, Mike James, Luis Scola, Aaron Brooks,
instead of Bass, Fazekas(who the hell is that?), they're going to end up like Dampier and Diop, useless, non-efficient players.
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