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Default Re: Shumpert only has star potential as a Point Gaurd with the Knicks

Originally Posted by el gringos
I'm not questioning your understanding of what the Knicks have done over the last few. Every minute shumpert has played was with Felton, prigioni, or both. Of course he defends sg's or sf's.

I'm just saying he would have the most advantages as a defender against guards.

Who do you think would defend pg's better- shumpert or prigioni?

The best 3 guys defensively that the Knicks could go with 1-3 is shumpert/jr/Carmelo
Prigs didnt guard terrible last year. Shump is going to come off the bench and guard whoever to be honest. But if Shump is guarding the PG then who is Caldy going to guard?
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