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Originally Posted by adamcz
I don't know anything about him. Can he play point guard? Maybe he was signed to be the third string pg and sg?

He will play have to play PG because of his size. Only 6'1, 6'2 at best. He can run a team and did it at Temple but I dont think his game best suits him being in position to score, come off screens. Run a pick in role. He has a good bballiq/understanding of the game and his role. But his strength is offense not much of a table setter. Not to compare and say he is Mo Williams, but Mo atleast in my eyes really isnt a PG moreso a combo guard. While he can play the position I think he is better as a scorer. Much like Lynn who can knock down jumpshots. Playing behind Charlie and Mo is a good thing. Buycks fans should like Lynn because he doesnt sell you short. Doesnt go out of a team concept at all and if the coach wants him to run the team he will and no be a rebel & attempt to undermine the coach at certain times in a game.

Defensively? Ehh not great, he's average but if Milw runs zones he can do well there coming from Temple Univ. One thing about a Temple player is they can give you some defense. What does Milw guard situation look like right now? Charlie Bell, Mo Williams, Michael Redd and?
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