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Originally Posted by albertpujols
How about that guy Adam Morrison? He is a PF-C and is even in the US team alongside JJ.

Second- Denham Brown. We need a freggin Canadian. He's not bad as it is either.

I am not sure where you read that Adam Morrison is a PF/CT but he is simply not. Off the top of my head, I would wager that he's around 6'8 and is brutally slow. He cannot defend for a lick but is a fantastic scorer, however a scorer who cannot defend is the exact player we need to avoid. If anything, we need the opposite of Adam Morrison.

As far as the second pick, Denham Brown, I don't really buy that a Canadian will bring fans to the game. A winning team will bring fans to the game, if you put a winner on the court, then you will fill the seats. Now if you feel that two players are of equal skill and potential, then I would obviously take the Canadian because of the ties to the team, but the player should be picked because of his skill level, not because of where he's from.
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