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Originally Posted by ChuckOakley
We should definitely look to draft a PG with one of our 2 1st rounders. There are too many prospects to pass up.

I'm torn though.....

Douby sounds nice. He's local, he can shoot and score. We haven't had that option at the PG in a while. However I don't know if he is a good defender considering how thin he is. We need a Wade stopper

Rodriguez could be a good, but I don't know of many foreign G's that can come in right away and play, especially defense. Has potential I know and has played well in international ball but I don't know much more.

Rondo may be the safest choice. A tenacious defnender who can run an offense as well. He would be our Wade stopper.

With the second pick I would like a PF but I don't know who will be around. Hilton Armstrong could fall to us, but I am really high on Shawne Williams. He has the the game and the size to play 2-4. With his size and athleticism he could be a dunking machine, and is supposedly a good rebounder and shotblocker. He might be too good to pass up on.

With the 2nd rounder --- who knows. At least this draft seems to be deep (not strong) enough where we could land a nice prosect in round 2. Taking a chance on a foreigner may be the best best. I'm not sure the 2nd rounders chances of making the roster as roster spots should be tight.

I highly doubt Sergio will be there at #22. Douby may not be, either. I really like Rondo and Lowry though. Both are very scrappy guards who always play hard. After watching the lack of heart exhibited in the Miami series by a number of players, a player like them would definitely be a great addition.
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