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Default Re: Nets... probably the most stacked team of our lifetime?

Originally Posted by pauk
They are so impressive from top the bottom you dont even know who the best player is out of their starting 5.....

They are easily the most talented from top the bottom.... Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Kevin Garnett accompanied with Brook Lopez who is a legit C playing like the best Center in the league..... oh forgot Paul Pierce... All these guys are currently All-stars with like i think around 40 all-star selections between them, its like watching an All-star game east/west team....

Next thing you know they go to rest..... and a 6'7" Point-Guard comes in, DPOY level defender Kirilenko comes in, Euro MVP Anderson comes in, Jason Terry comes in playing better than ever and Blatche who also looks very improved especially with his ballhandling at that size....

Watchout league....
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