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This is a trivial matter to say the least. Corey "Homicide" Williams and a team in Denver just gave a beating to the And 1 squad! It was 100 plus for Williams and Denver to 79 for the And 1 team if I recall. Corey basically says, we are going to show these guys how to play real ball at halftime while already leading by 15 points. The Main Event Walley Dixon I think gets thrown out also. While Corey Williams has managed to play in the last two years in the NBA Summer Leagues, he has been unable to make a roster. It is very basic, the guys who are at the end of the bench in the NBA and do not get many minutes would dominate the Streetballers, imagine if you put in the real Stars! In case no one knew, but there are a number of players from the And 1 streetball crew who are now playing in the ABL.

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