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I'm reviving this old thread to mention a few DL games I've picked up recently.

Just over the weekend I picked up CounterSpy. I haven't played it much, but from what I have it has an awesome art design. Everything has the flecky white staticky elements that make it feel like footage from the fifties. The game play is an interesting Two D side scrolling thing with a slight Metroid-Vania thing going on, but it does jump to an over the shoulder shooter perspective when you pop into coverage. It's a nice concept, but I'm not thrilled that I feel like I have to drop into every coverage spot just to see further ahead than the 2D will let me so I don't just walk into something.

I also go The Road Less Taken, which is a Zelda layout with a weird puzzling element of losing energy while carrying stuff, so you have throw things around to align things to open doors.

I've also played Puddle, which was really interesting.

The quality of this stuff on the New Gen systems has been great, and both networks are giving away free monthly games, so it would be cool to see peoples opinions on them. They don't get enough press to know what's worth digging around for.
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