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Originally Posted by WoGiTaLiA1
His green light got taken away.

Wogi nailed it right there. I'm a HUGE Francis fan, he's my favorite player in the league, and this is where his problem is. He needs to have the greenlight and so far the two coaches who gave him that, Rudy T and Davis in Orlando, got the most out of him. Even though he was doing good on the Rockets at first, they said he'd be better in a stricter offense, and his scoring dropped 7 points. Then he moves to Orlando and for a while they were at the top of their division (before Miami got adjusted), but something told Weisbrod that it would be best to split him and mobley up because their chemistry was too good (worst basketball logic ever), so he dropped off a little but remained a 20+ ppg scorer. THEN Orlando decided to do the same thing as Houston, and didnt learn from the past so they brought in Hill because they said he'd be better in a stricter offense AGAIN, and that didnt work. Then New York happened.

Basically Francis just needs the green light and he'll be back to what he used to be at least, but people keep asking him to change his game and then get impatient when he doesn't adjust soon enough. He does have a LOT of flaws, i'll admit that any day, but like everyone's been saying, move him to the 2 and give him the green.
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