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Default Thoughts on Ben Simmons?

I feel like if some mad scientist took Boris Diaw and made him a more athletic version of his body and aged him down to 14 years old the result would be what Ben Simmons was 3 years ago. Still has the same basketball iq and mental poise and a few more years added on to developing other areas of his game before college.

I don't think Ben's ceiling can match Wiggins Jabari or AG but at the very very worst he still would be a more than capable NBA player. I know too little about LSU's program to state what kind of fit it will be but i think Simmons' is mentally ahead of his peers and just needs a year of banging with college bodies rather than being coached and molded.

On a side note it goes to show you just how deep the Nike EYBL team when Each1Teach1

- defending Peach Jam champs with loads of experience
- has the consensus #1 player in the country in Ben Simmons
- has the 7'6 Tacko Fall
- has a top 3 pure scorer in the country in Antonio Blakeney
- Rest of team filled with freakishly athletic wings and posts or high iq sharpshooting guards all going D1

Don't even make final 4 of Peach Jam this summer.
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