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Default Re: 7-Footers shooting 3s

Originally Posted by ekzistenz
And if Shaq could shoot free-throws he'd be a hell of a lot better too. But guess what he can't, just like Dirk doesn't have a low-post game, so leave out the what-ifs.

Answer me this question. What is Dirk suppose to do when his shots aren't falling? Every other all-star that shoots J's thinks about driving inside and going to the foul line, something that Dirk is not capable of doing.
Almost every big man has been horrible at their free throw shooting. Yet they have been succesful and WON A TITLE.

Hakeem wasn't a 7 footer. If you're going to talk about 7-footers, then talk about 7-footers. Don't go putting in players below 7 feet just because they re-enforce your argument.
WOW! Being 6-11 actually changes the whole point of this thread. Now because you're one inch shorter you can't be the dominant tall guy ( 7ft, 6-11, you're still tall)that WON TITLES.
He is a bit of a soft player

Yeah, a bit.
The thing is he actually doesn't shoot too many 3s, he's more of a high-post player.

In other words he's still outside shooting right? 3's or long jumpers, if he's not feeling it there's no game left. Right? Yeah, thought so. High-post player. Please, the word Post and Dirk don't go together.

How about you make a list of player's that are 7-foot and are legitimate inside threats.
Everybody knows you need someone inside, right? There's been opportunities to sign someone over the past 9 seasons. Yet I don't see anybody. Does this mean is not Dirk's fault? If is not then Cuban should worry about a new GM rather than buying the cubs team.

That's because your list was retarded
Please, no childish coments.
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