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Default Re: Navarro a griz tomorrow

Just answering a few things asked in the thread:

Yes he is still a rookie. Oberto was a 29 year old rookie two years ago for the Spurs. The thing is players like Navarro arent really rookie as they have played professional ball in Europe for several years. No it is not the NBA, but scouts consider certain Euro leagues more competitive than college ball.

Yes at 6-3 he is short for a 2 gaurd, but in small ball lineups there are plenty of gaurds close to his height. Most are crazy athletic gaurds like AI and DWade, but there several examples of players who can play the 2 spot effectively who are fairly short for the position.

I think this translates well in Ivaroni's run-and-gun system next season. Having 3 PG's, Mike Miller and JCN at the 2, Rudy, TK, and Casey Jacobson at the 3, Pau, and Hakim at the 4, and Darko and Swift at the 5 looks like a very capable lineup in the PHX, Toronto style. All this trade does is add even more depth in the crucial gaurd spots for the new running system.
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